Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Special creations

Wow! It’s been so busy with extravaganza sale, santas workshop, free shipping...whew I haven’t had much time to breathe but it’s been exciting! 
I suddenly realized that I haven’t been reminding you all that technique class is just around the corner on Monday! 
Technique class is typically the first Monday of the month and you choose your preferred time slot: 10 am or 7 pm. 
I always say technique class is not “been there done that” class. It’s a class where we learn something new and different! 
Here’s a sneak peek of what we will be making this Monday. 

It’s a card! It’s a box! It’s...BOX ON A CARD! 

Pretty cool right? I first saw this on the Thailand incentive trip and Cased this design from fellow demo Rachel Tessman. 
I will teach you how to make it! Come on out this Monday! 
We will make three projects. Hmmm what will we do with these? 
 Come out and see! 

Register for morning technique class: 

Register for evening technique class

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