Friday, November 24, 2017

Breaking News!!! Just Announced! Free Shipping on Cyber Monday

So you know the flash sale that Stampin' Up! was hinting about earlier?  Well they just announced that it's going to be FREE SHIPPING day on Monday November 27th.

In case you haven't been around with Stampin' Up! very much you will know that free shipping does not come around very often.

Having talked to a staff member about this before, Stampin' Up! prefers to be as transparent as possible about their pricing so they do not offer free shipping regularly because frankly shipping is not free.  The UPS people need to get paid...and Stampin' Up! would rather clearly indicate a shipping charge than call it free shipping and then hide the shipping cost in jacked up product prices.

Makes sense to me.

The point is FREE SHIPPING almost never comes around so when it does we must shop!!!

Note: The Extravaganza sale items end November 26th.
Free shipping starts November 27th.

Get your list ready...

You can shop online on my online store or email me your order and I can help you.

Yippee!!! (I'm very happy in case you can't tell!)

I'm going to be shopping on Monday!

I was going to blog today about my recent craft fair and share about these cute little test tube treats I made.  Now I'm too excited about the free shipping I don't have it in me to tell you how to make these cute treats today.  Maybe I will get to it later. In the meantime  I have to work on my shopping list.  However, I'll post a picture of the treats below!  (actually this picture was before I put the treats in.  Just a hint..m&m's fit perfectly. Smarties are too big for the tubes)  Happy Friday!

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