Sunday, October 22, 2017

Logo Launch Story

Today is the day!  Thank you for dropping in to share in my 10 year Stampiversary Logo launch! Not only is it my logo launch day, it's also a special offer announcement day.  You can read about that offer HERE
Can you see the new logo?
(I am really hoping that technology has not failed me and it is visible on my blog)

In case you can't see it here it is!!!

In case you are curious how I arrived at this logo or how I even decided after 10 years that I need a logo, please read on! 

I had heard many times before that when starting or growing your business you need to have a brand and or a logo.  I really felt this did not apply to me.  You see, when I started 10 years ago I was definitely not starting a business.  I was just wanting to get a discount on my hobby supplies.  I realized I also wanted to stamp with friends.  That's it.  That is not starting a business.  That is called having fun and saving money.  As the years went by I went through much turmoil because it started to become more and more evident to me that stamping was much more than casual fun and saving money.  It became an important responsibility to me.  I wanted to be dependable and reliable to the customers/friends that I served.  I wanted to be a vehicle of joy and blessing to anyone who stamps with me but to do these things, I needed to invest more time and resources and the only way I could do that was to change my mindset from casual to committed. 

I don't know when the shift actually took place but it may have been around 4 or 5 years ago.  I learned fantastic business and life tips from a fellow demonstrator Ronda Wade and  I took off with enthusiasm and began to enjoy the rewards of being a Stampin' Up! demonstrator.  As you know, with your support and the support of a fantastic Team S.T.I.C I began to earn all expense paid trips for two, cash bonuses, free product, and incredible lasting friendships.   I was still hearing about the importance of having a brand and logo.  I began to notice how other demonstrators branded themselves.  Although I no longer felt that this didn't apply to me, I still didn't feel it was necessary.  I mean, I was enjoying some great fun, friendship and rewards and I got this far without a logo, why change now?  I figured Stampin' Up! had their logo and tag lines, why would I go through the trouble of having my own? 

As my 10 year stampiversary approached, I became more and more reflective about my journey and my purpose and passion.  

Earlier this year I even developed my own mission statement for my business: 

"To provide joy and blessing to women through the fun and friendship of papercrafting with Stampin' Up! "

I really felt I needed this because running this business can be challenging in so many ways.  I don't have a business background or degree.  I've never done any other direct sales business.  I don't have any special sales or leadership training.  I'm just learning as I go.  I make mistakes and I feel stretched.  I really felt that the mission statement would help steady me when I felt overwhelmed or confused. 

I began to realize that although I am a Stampin' Up! demonstrator, I am distinct from Stampin' Up! and distinct from other Stampin' Up! demonstrators and I began to feel the need for a logo that was distinct to me and my mission. 

Through a referral from a friend, I learned about someone named Lisa Pomroy.  I've never met her in person but she really helped me a lot!! 
I would heartily recommend her to anyone looking for design help.  In the grand scheme of design work, mine was a small job but she still made me feel like a very important person and communicated so consistently with me.  I'm so appreciative! 

I gave her words to express what was important to me in my stamping business and the kind of atmosphere I like to aim for and my huge desire to want to serve and give people a break from the stresses of life.  

Lisa tried a few different things which was quite a task considering she had never stamped with me before and had never met me and was just basing her designs on my words and feedback (even though I had no idea what I wanted in the first place)

This is what I fell in love with. 

(see how I just found another excuse to paste my logo?)

The heart speaks to my passion...not just for papercrafting but also the people that I get to interact with in my business.  The colour of the heart is bright and cheerful and positive which I always strive to be and the artistic watercolor wash is a way to indicate that my business is about creativity, and art.  I couldn't resist adding a little maple leaf to announce that I'm Canadian and proud of it! 

So that's the story!  Thank you for celebrating my 10 year stampiversary with me!  Thank you for dropping in to check out my logo. 
Before I end I must give a huge shout out to a wonderful helper named Sandra Mastello.  She is a demonstrator living all the way in Australia who has been helping me navigate all sorts of technological things and was instrumental in helping me get this logo launch up!  Sandra, I've said it before but I love you more than chips and grape pop! You are a gem! 

Now, to celebrate my 10 year Stampiversary,  I want to tell you about an extra special, never seen before offer from me! 


  1. Oh, Thank you Gen! I LOVE the new look and I love working with you, it is truly an honour! Happy Stampinversary!