Sunday, October 22, 2017

10 get 20 Stampiversary Special!

It's my 10 year Stampiversary!!! I am so excited!!!  October 22nd is my official 10 year Stampiversary and I want to celebrate!!!

Hopefully you already saw my new, beautiful logo which is supposed to be posted sometime this morning.  Maybe I will just post it here again because I love it or if it hasn't shown up yet.

Okay, I got that out of my system.

Now on to the real news! I have an exclusive shopping special for you!
Do you have a Stampin' Up! wish list of things you want to buy either from the annual catalogue or the holiday catalogue?
Are you already drooling over the new alcohol Stampin' Blends markers and want to get the whole batch?
Do you have friends who have a wish list of Stampin' Up! goodies they want?
Do you want to buy beautiful Stampin' things because you had a crummy week (month, year??) and need some shopping/stamping therapy??

This 10 get 20 special is for you!!! 

I want to give everyone a chance to participate in the benefits of being a Stampin' Up! party hostess!  That means everyone who participates in the 10 get 20 special will enjoy free product AND access to exclusive host stamps!  I think the 10 get 20 special is a perfect way to celebrate my 10th stampaversary!

Here's some answers to questions you may be asking:

What is the special?  For every 10 people that each place at least a $125 order (before tax/shipping), each of those 10 people will get $20 of free product of their choice PLUS a free ink pad from me. (select colours)

Normally you need to purchase $200 in product before tax and shipping to receive access to host exclusive stamps and $20 in free product,  but when we combine in groups of 10, each person only needs to submit an order of at least $125 in order to get $20 free!  I will also have access to 1 half price item which I will use to buy a family set of 10 ink pads and so I am able to give one to each person.

Wow!!! Isn't that exciting?  Remember, you can make up your $125 order through gathering orders from friends and family or you can just order it all yourself.  You can also submit as many $125 orders as you like!

So what should I do next? 

1) Let me know you are participating. Email me, facebook message me, text me, whatever works...just so I know you want to participate. You will get a response from me once I get your message.  You can also register at this website so I know you want to participate.

2) Head to my online store and place your $125 (or more) order. As you are closing your order, on the shopping cart page,  you will be asked if you have a host code.  At that point you will need to put in the code linked to this special: WK4UCZSU
You may want to check in with me really quick before you close your order to confirm the code in case one group of 10 is filled and I needed to start a second group with a second code.

After completing the order,send me an email and let me know what you want for your $20 host dollars.  (remember you can pick exclusive host stamps) and your first and second choice of free ink pad colour (please choose 1 from the regals collection. See the colours HERE)

The biggest advantage of ordering online is that your order will come straight to you and will ship shortly after you close your order online so you will receive your goodies faster!  Also, you can order this way anywhere in Canada!


Send your order to me in an email.  I will place it for you.  Be sure to indicate in your email what your choices are for your $20 free product and free ink pad (choose from the regals collection)
I will let you know when your order is ready for pick up from my home.


Everyone can be a hostess when 10 people take advantage of this offer!

How long is this offer valid? 

You must place your order with the above noted host code online or email me your order with payment (cash, credit card, cheque, money transfer) NO LATER than November 2nd. (note Stampin' Blends markers go live November 1st so keep this in mind when shopping on the online store)

What if 10 people do not participate? 

I personally think this is an amazing offer and I really imagine that at least 10 people will participate but if not, everyone who does participate will get a special thank you gift from me consisting of any ink pad of your colour choice. However, my plan is that we will get 10 people at least!  Share this offer with your friends!! Anyone in Canada can take advantage!

Can this 10 get 20 offer be combined with other offers?

Yes, This offer can be combined with the Buy 3 get 1 free DSP special that is on until October 31st
Yes, this offer can be combined with the Genstampin4fun customer loyalty card program
Yes, you can order the New Stampin' Blends markers. See the pricing and flyer here.  I will take email orders for them starting now but online orders for these markers won't work until November 1st.
Yes, you can use it as your order at my Oct. 25th Sweet and Simple Class to get your class free
No, If you are a Stampin4fun club member,this order can not count as your monthly club order (because the club host still needs to receive rewards)
No, you can not access the regular host stampin' rewards on top of the rewards you receive with this offer.  (But you can place multiple $125 orders to increase your freebies)
No, you can not combine this offer with the Merry Patterns host promotion that ends October 31st.
No, you can not apply this offer to a class fee as part of a private party/stampin' social (because I don't want the party host to miss out on her rewards)

What happens after the offer ends at midnight November 2nd? 

On November 3rd, I will close off this special 10 get 20 workshop and for those of you who emailed me with orders can pick up your order and freebies from my home in approximately two weeks.
If you ordered online, your order will be shipped directly to you however, the host freebies will ship to me.  If you are local, please arrange to come pick them up.  If you are long distance, I will ship your freebies to you after they arrive at my home.  If the canada post shipping is under $5 I will send it to you for free.  If it is more than $5 you will pay the amount over $5.

Whew!  That was a lot of information but I hope it covers everything.  If you have more questions, don't hestiate to contact me. 

I have never offered this special before so don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity to be a hostess without having to fit an event in your calendar, or without having to order $200 worth of product!  Celebrate my 10 years with Stampin' Up! with this 10 get 20 Special!!!

Sit back, browse the catalogues,  share it with friends.
Call, text, email, message me ASAP if you plan on participating just so I know but you have until November 2nd to make your shopping and freebie decisions! 
Remember! Everyone participating gets hostess perks!!

Don't wait until the last minute!!  This 10 get 20 workshop takes some organizing on my end so if you wait, you might miss out!!

Here's a few pictures of some of the amazing host sets that you can choose, if you wish, as part of your $20 freebies

 In the City

 Tranquil Tulips

Seasons of Whimsy

It seems appropriate to me that my celebration should involve giving free things to you so I hope you enjoy this special!

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  1. Your new logo is lovely Gen, great colours! Congrats on 10 years with SU!!