Monday, July 17, 2017

Thai cooking!

Well I've decided it will be impossible for me to catch you up on all we have done so I will just tell you about today and then later go back to tell you about the days I missed. 
Today was a visit to Thai Farm cooking school. It was top notch! I would recommend this experience to anyone whether you enjoy cooking or not! 
I probably would not have done this excursion except my friend Zahra wanted to go and she had heard this company was a good one.  I don't enjoy cooking and I don't feel I'm particularly good at it. 
Actually if I didn't have kids, kevin and I would probably still be eating out most nights. However when you have three kids it's not terribly healthy or economical to go out to eat all the time so I learned to get by with some tried and true recipes. 
The great thing about this cooking experience is that you don't need to know how to cook. 
Our instructor AE (pronounced like the letter "A") taught us everything from how to turn on the stove to how to plate our food in an eye catching manner. 
I loved it. I believe I cooked the best food I've eaten this whole vacation! I feel like an accomplished Thai chef! 
Here's some photos! 
Step one: go to the market to learn about common ingredients used in Thai cooking. 

Step 2: go to the farm to learn and see the different roots and vegetables

Step 3: make appetizers, main course and dessert. 
It was easy given that a lot of the food had been pre washed and prepped for us. We made  Tom Kaa soup, crispy spring rolls, cashew chicken, curry (kevin did green curry and I did yellow curry) and sticky rice and mango dessert. 
We even made the curry paste from scratch! You can see us pounding the spices with our mortor and pestle. 

Doesn't the soup I made look delicious ?

Making and enjoying spring rolls. 

Next up was the curry chicken and cashew chicken. 

I made this!! I felt awesome plus it was truly delicious! You could tell everything was super fresh. 

Finally sticky rice and mango. It was fancy because we made the rice blue using dye from a local flower. 

What a wonderful experience with friends. 
Our instructor was amazing. (Anyone who managed to help me make delicious food must be amazing) 
Tomorrow our plan is to tour some temples! Hoping to get a good nights sleep tonight! 
Thanks for dropping in! 

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