Friday, July 14, 2017

No words

Hello friends! Sorry! I hadn't realized it had been so long since I last blogged. The days have been flying by here. Each day has been full of activity. Last night was the final night event and the final pillow gift. I kept delaying blogging because it is too hard to put into words my experience here. It's almost like I have no words to describe my emotions and thoughts. 
I keep reflecting on how my life journey even brought me to this point where I would be halfway around the world enjoying such unique and exceptional experiences.  It's unreal! 
So since words are sort of failing me now, I will just post a brief comment about the activities I've enjoyed and share photos. I hope it is enough to give you a glimpse into my past few days. 
So I believe my last post showed photos at the elephant sanctuary. 
The following day was a whole group excursion day. Stampin Up arranged and paid for a full day excursion for all achievers and their first guest to Phang Nga Bay. We were taken by canoe around various caves and islands to observe the rock formations. 

We then were taken to tour the "floating city" . It's a village in the bay built on stilts about 200 years ago. The residents appear to live in very tight quarters and their livelihood seems limited to tourism and perhaps some fishing. 

I don't think the photos adequately convey the dirty, cramped quarters. Only the school area seemed bright and cheery. 
Wish I had more photos but I think when I was walking through I was just taking care not to bump into people or the haphazard tables of wares set up in the alleys. 
Next we were taken by speedboat to see the famous James Bond island. Apparently this island featured prominently in the movie Man with the Golden Gun with Roger Moore. 

We then continued on to what seemed like a private island. Stampin Up arranged for a private BBQ buffet and time to just play on the beach. I ate and plopped myself on a beach chair and fell asleep to the sound of the waves and friendly chatter. It made me happy to see Kevin really enjoying his time. He went right into the ocean and was chatting and swimming with his man friends...other stampin Up demonstrator husbands. 

Okay. So this post is long and has only covered one day! 
I can't wait to share with you about the ziplining adventure through the jungle that kevin I did the following day but maybe I will do another post. This post is already long and I have to FaceTime with my kids whom I miss very much! 
Thanks for dropping in! 

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