Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Last days

Thanks for following my Thailand journeys. I feel so blessed to have been able to experience this once in a lifetime trip and I know I would never be here without Stampin Up and without the support of friends, customers and Team STIC. 
Here's some photos of the last couple of days. I'm just waiting for the long flights home. 
Yesterday we hired a driver to see some sights of Chiang Mai. The tour included visits to temples, the kings palace, and a local village. 
Here is the temple in the city. Wat Phra Singh

Here's photos from the gardens of the Kings palace.  While walking through the gardens I felt as though I was isolated in a peaceful jungle. 

Next up is the Mong village. We saw the villagers selling their wares, learned new facts about the various tribal villages in Thailand and took photos in the garden. 

This is a tool that was used to grind rice into flour 

We couldn't resist taking this corny photo at the back of the garden.  Our guide pointed out that the flowers on the heart were fake so I don't think he understood why we wanted to take a photo when there were so many real flowers around. 

Off to the famous Doi Suthep temple. 
There is a story that the location of this temple was determined by a white elephant carrying a Buddha relic. Wherever the elephant finally stopped would be where the temple should be built. 
We accessed the temple via some very long stairs. I was very out of breath at the top of the stairs. I could blame it on the altitude but I think it's from carrying around the 10 extra pounds I gained from all the eating on this trip. 

After a small adventure of the road being blocked due to a fallen tree and people getting out of their cars to lift the tree out of the way, 
We managed to get back to the hotel. 
We enjoyed a lively Thai dinner at a nearby cafe (where the whole meal for kevin and I cost a whopping $12 cdn) and then crashed asleep. 
Today was our final day and Zahra and I spent it at the spa. A three hour massage in a tranquil Thai spa was definitely a wonderful way to spend the last day. 

One final Thai meal consisting of Khao soi (a northern noodle specialty) and spring rolls and now all set to go home. 

I can't wait to get onto the plane and sleep and can't wait to see the kids! 
Thanks for dropping in! Posts of stampin Up products will resume when I return home! 

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