Friday, January 13, 2017

Exciting Travel

So many exciting travel experiences to look forward to.  I'm just so excited so I thought I would share so you can enjoy the excitement with me!

This past week I was contacted by the travel company that Stampin' Up! uses to book the incentive trips.  The flights to Thailand for my husband and I have been booked and confirmed for July!  We are super excited!  I can't believe that Stampin' Up! rewards my hard work in my Stampin' business with an all expense paid trip for two to Thailand.  Isn't that incredible? I can't wait because incentive trips are such an amazing experience.

You can read about my experience on past incentive trips HERE and HERE

Also, this past week my Stampin' Up! points finalized in my demonstrator account to show that I can earn/redeem for the 2018 incentive trip to Alaska.  It's an Alaskan Cruise!  
To tell you the truth I never cruised before Stampin' Up! because I am prone to vertigo and motion sickness so I never wanted to take the chance to buy an expensive cruise and risk being sick the whole time.  
However, after I experienced my first cruise with Stampin' Up! I discovered that I can cruise AND I can enjoy it too! 
So I am thrilled to cruise to Alaska because I have never been and to go with my husband will be wonderful! 

As if Thailand and Alaska are not enough, registration for the next Stampin' Up! On Stage event was this week.  The main live event will be in Amsterdam.  I considered going there because I love the energy of a live event but I already have plans to go to Scotland in May with a girlfriend so it seemed silly to fly to Europe, come home just to turn around and fly back in another few weeks. 
I looked at all the satellite local locations.  There was an event in Toronto and I initially assumed I would attend the Toronto location since it would save on travel and I would be with the majority of the Team S.T.I.C girls.  However, when registration day approached, I couldn't get out of my mind my desire to travel.  My thoughts kept wandering to Calgary.  I've been wanting to go to Calgary to visit the Stampin' Up! Canadian office and I have some wonderful demonstrator friends out there...well you can guess what happened.  I decided to go to Calgary for the April On stage event.  I will miss the Team S.T.I.C girls incredibly...I will of course wear my purple Team S.T.I.C shirt...but I'm excited for the upcoming adventure. 

I love my Stampin' Up! journey!  Thank you so much for being a part of that journey and thanks for dropping in and letting me share my excitement with you! 

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