Friday, December 9, 2016

Delightful Things

I'm still continuing with my weekly Sabbath rest journey.  It started this week by enjoying the holiday concert at my son's school.
Holiday music concerts in high school are a much better quality than elementary school music concerts!
I enjoyed all the performances but of course this proud mama was most pleased with the grade 10 symphonic band and a particular clarinet player in the second row.  :-)

The next delightful experience was making my preorder from the new spring catalogue.  (sorry, if you're not a Stampin' Up! demonstrator you can't order from it yet but you can learn all about the fun of the Stampin' Up! family HERE)
Do you see all those post it notes?
Now you might think preordering from the catalogue is work and should not be done on sabbath.
I pondered that as I didn't want to break sabbath joy by working.  However, I decided that shopping to my hearts content from the catalogue was really more delight than work.  I decided to make it even more delightful by eating chips while ordering and doing it in my pyjamas.

I now wait in anticipation for the delivery. 

I had hoped to register for the Thailand incentive trip which is why the passports were also on the table but I didn't quite get to that because I got so excited ordering from the spring catalogue that I really wanted to stamp with the new stamps I had ordered after the Ottawa On stage event (click HERE to read all about that)  So I went down and stamped a lovely card. 

The next delightful experience was taking my son out to lunch.  He only had an hour for lunch but I learned that I could call the local japanese restaurant which is just 5 minutes drive from the house and preorder the food so that when we arrived we could just eat.

My little guy was thrilled to go out on a mommy son lunch date. I learned all about the snow fort in the school yard and the supply teacher they had today.

I hope you are taking time to enjoy delightful things during this holiday season!
Thanks for dropping in!

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