Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Stamp Together...for a Purpose

I just wanted to share some photos of some stamping that I did this month.  I truly believe that stamping is more than just something to pass the time.  It can be a meaningful activity that can make a difference!

Here I am at a local nursing home.  I was invited to share stamping with the residents who had a wide range of abilities.  Some had physical challenges, some had cognitive challenges but they were all able to participate in some way to make two cards.

It would probably be an understatement to say I enjoyed the experience.  Some of you may know that besides my stamping job, I am also an occupational therapist.  For many many years I worked with senior citizens with disabilities so I felt right at home in the nursing home.  
It was a great blend of my skills as an occupational therapist and Stampin' Up! demonstrator to help the residents complete their two cards.  They were so proud at the end! I felt so pleased that I could be a part of their experience! 

This month I also was invited by the Freedom 55 group at my church to share stamping with them since they were planning as a group to do visits to hospital patients to provide some encouragement. They wanted to leave the patients with some token of their visit and they thought perhaps a pretty card might be just the thing. 
I thought it was a great idea so I brought all the supplies and taught them how to stamp.  Once again I was so happy to see their pride and enjoyment while stamping. 

Getting together to stamp is a wonderful team building and self-esteem building activity. Do you have a social group or community group that you are a part of?  Don't hesitate to invite me to bring some stamping fun to you!  Contact me today! 

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