Friday, August 19, 2016

A slice of my life

Feels like it's been a while since I shared about what's been going on in my life.  Our family has had a fun summer.  I can't believe it's mid August already!  Kevin has already gotten the kids their back to school gear.  Sob.
I love summer and it gives me mild anxiety every year when it starts to wind down.
We have two more family adventures planned before the summer ends so I will look forward those outings!
This week was all about preparing for an exclusive Team S.T.I.C stamping training.  Stampin Up! didn't have an official event to launch the holiday catalogue so I thought it would be nice to organize one for the team.
Any event can be a bit of a production to create but what makes it awesome is that Team S.T.I.C is always ready to help.
I am so thankful for my stamping team.  They are the BEST!
I had asked for some girls to come and help with the cutting and prep last Saturday.  My event supplies were supposed to arrive on the Friday.
Everything looked on schedule until my boxes were on a truck for delivery and then suddenly the tracking showed that they were at the fed ex depot again.
WHAAAT!!! You don't understand...I need those boxes!!!
So, after a few phone calls, it was decided that the only solution for getting the boxes before the wonderful helpers arrived on Saturday was to drive to the depot and pick them up.
The irritation of the unexpected errand was tamed by turning it into a date night.
I was chauffeured to the depot by my wonderful husband who also helped me carry the boxes and load them into his truck

After the boxes were safe, we headed out to a new burger joint we wanted to try.  Yummy!  
We then went to a local park/conservation area where we just sat and enjoyed stillness and prayer and light conversation while the ducks and geese made their usual nature noises.  It was lovely. 

Saturday rolled around and we had all the supplies and helping hands to get a lot done! I always tease the girls that we are having fun prepping and that it is not a sweat shop since they are allowed to pee and talk and eat anytime they want!

So that's a slice of my life!  Please keep in touch so I can hear all about your life too! 
Happy summer! 
Thanks for dropping in! 


  1. What a great story with a happy ending!

  2. Thanks Stephanie! I agree! A happy ending indeed!

  3. Thanks Stephanie! I agree! A happy ending indeed!

  4. Thanks Stephanie! I agree! A happy ending indeed!