Thursday, July 21, 2016

Push Pins for Organization

For this week's tip thursday I thought I would share how I keep my frequently used items within reach but also off my table to reduce clutter.

I learned this from the designer that came to help me with my basement renovations.

She made this beautiful covered cork board for me. ( as you can see it's being put to good use)

She suggested that I use push pins to keep my items organized on the cork board.  It was a great suggestion.  Now I can access my dimensionals, scissors, and tape really easily and it doesn't get lost on the crafty mess on my table.  (I assure you my table can get craaaazzzy when I am in major crafting mode)
As you can see I also use push pins to display favourite pictures.  Wow that wedding photo is a real Throwback thursday photo!!! 

Anyway, that's this week's tip.  I just made an addition on this cork board but I have to test it out to see if it fulfills my expectations.  Stay tuned to see what I've done.

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