Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The days leading up to On stage Convention

It's been a whirl of activity as the days get closer to the Stampin Up On Stage Event. 
This past weekend I knew I had to hunker down and do that thing everyone does at this time of year...taxes. What made it less painful was that I made time to meet with some girlfriends. We call ourselves "the joy luck club" from the novel by Amy Tan. If you don't know the novel it is about the lives of various women who are all children of Chinese immigrant parents. Anyway, it seemed like a fitting nickname for our group. We like to get together about once a quarter to eat and talk about life. We've known each other since university and it's great to see how are lives develop. 

Sunday afternoon a bunch of team stic girls and friends came over to help me with making swaps for the stampin up event. It's a swap making party!! It's casual and fun and very productive. We finished 72 swap cards in just 90 minutes. Many hands make light work as they say!

Today...off bright and early to Salt Lake City. I am so excited to share the experience with my friend And fellow Team STIC girl Mindy. 
Our flights were smooth and easy and we arrived to find that the weather in salt lake today was amazingly beautiful. It was sunny and warm. Apparently it is going to rain the rest of the week so I'm so glad we got beautiful summer type weather today. 

I love how downtown salt lake gets all ready for the influx of demonstrators.  There were stampin up signs all over the place.  It sure makes me feel welcome!

This is the sign in our hotel lobby. 
Trees are in full bloom!
Since I've come to salt lake many times in the past for previous conventions, I knew it was necessary to make a stop at the Rite Aid to grab some water and snacks. 
I couldn't resist buying these chips because you can't get these flavours in Canada. 

Mindy and I will have a chip tasting party. 

Tomorrow is the home office tour and Mindy and I both decided to get spa appointments. It's going to be fun! I'm having a great time and On stage hasn't even officially started yet! Can't wait!

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