Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Stop, Rest, Delight, Contemplate in Victoria

When Stampin' Up! Canada called me to arrange my flights to Victoria for the strategy summit, I realized I had the opportunity to fly in earlier.  I decided to take advantage of that opportunity since I wanted to see a bit of the city and also because it seemed like a perfect way to rest before everyone else arrived and we start talking business.

Before I share all my wonderful pictures, I thought I would give you a little background on how I've been spending my Tuesday nights through Wednesday nights.  Starting this past December, I made a decision to practice a spiritual discipline called Sabbath keeping.  I have a personality that loves to keep busy and I love making to do lists and crossing things off the list.  I felt it was time to take a break from the constant to do list and rest once a week.  It is definitely a learning experience!  However, talking with my friend and church pastor Steve, he gave me four words to help me practice the Sabbath.  Stop. Rest. Delight and Contemplate.  (to see a handy resource on the practice of Sabbath click HERE)
So, I spent a wonderful Sabbath rest day here in Victoria, British Columbia. Here's some pictures.

I've arrived! 
I heard that there was a big snowfall in the Toronto area.  I walked around the city of Victoria feeling very grateful for the spring weather here.

After a refreshing morning walk, I took a city bus tour and the highlight was seeing the harbour seals.  I couldn't help but miss the kids and wished they were here to feed the seals with me.

Right after the bus tour, I went to the Empress Fairmont hotel.  It's a very upscale, British style hotel that is known for their afternoon tea service. 

I definitely delighted in the experience.  At first I was a bit hesitant because I am not a high tea kind of person.  Was I supposed to have very proper manners so I could be in keeping with some kind of British tradition?  I didn't know if there was special tea etiquette.  Although I was first in the tea room, others soon joined me and there was a party of four that wore blue jeans and laughed loudly and even asked the server for more sandwiches. (I didn't understand the asking for more sandwiches as it didn't seem to be an all you can eat buffet establishment but the server happily brought them more sandwiches) This put me at ease since she didn't kick them out or look at them disapprovingly so I figured I could just be myself.  :-)

I can't help but show you one of the sweets.  It is a chocolate cup holding a white chocolate mousse.  Yum. 

I then went back to the lovely hotel and had a very relaxing two and a half hour spa service. 
After that I went for dinner and specifically looked for somewhere that I could enjoy some local seafood. 

Here's a picture of the parliament buildings all lit up at night. 

That's all for today.  Tomorrow I hope to get some work done before the strategy team meets in the afternoon.  If I'm really productive I hope to get out to the museum too! 

Hope you guys back home are doing okay with all that snow!  :-P

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