Friday, March 4, 2016

Quick pictures of our first meeting

Hi!  just wanted to share some pictures from yesterday as our canadian strategy summit team all met together.  Our business manager, Dale, arranged for a stamp and share evening with some of the local demonstrators in Victoria.  In case you didn't know, when demonstrators get together, we talk and laugh and squeal.  The noise the small room was pretty loud!

In typical Stampin Up! style, there were some amazing gifts.  We all received aprons embroidered with our names.  SUPER special. 
We also had prize patrol (it was actually a giveaway since we all received one).  It is the new stamp set #imbringingbirthdays back (there is a whole story behind this was a grassroots social media movement but no time to share everything with you now but when Stampin' Up released it, it sold out in four hours! so it's pretty cool to have one in my hands!)

It will be a full day of meetings today but I hope to post more later.

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