Friday, September 18, 2015

A trip to Zion and swapping

Yesterday seems like such a long time ago!  Anyway, here are some pictures.  A few friends and I decided to rent a car and head over to Zion National Park.  It is about an hours drive from our hotel but we had heard that this park was a must-see attraction.

The scenery did not disappoint.  My friend Christi and I took a leisurely walk along one of the trails but stopped to take pictures, pray, listen to inspirational music and just sit and enjoy the beauty around us. It was the perfect day to be outdoors.

We then visited the little town of springdale just outside the national park.  There were cute shops and we stopped to have lunch.

I was introduced to something wonderful called "Irish Nachos".  They were basically potatoe chips with cheese and dill pickles and onions and some kind of great sauce.   I feel they are superior to regular nachos since they involve potatoes. (I love potatoes)

We headed back to the hotel after lunch and visited the hospitality suite to get our daily prize.  As you can see, the girls who decided to lounge at the hotel were not suffering.  Stampin' Up! had arranged for a wonderful spread of bread, crackers, cheese and fruit for everyone to enjoy.
There was even fresh honey.

We got back so late we didn't have much time to lounge around.  We had arranged dinner plans at a local Thai and sushi joint.  When Stampin' Up! discovered that so many of us were heading out for dinner, they somehow arranged a special motorcoach for us since there were too many of us to fit in the hotel shuttle. Boy, a girl could really get spoiled with such pampering service all day!

After dinner was the much anticipated swap and share night. Someone had arranged matching t-shirts so we all wore our t-shirts and took over the hotel lobby and hallway to form a large swap line.  It truly is the best swap ever!  I got such beautiful samples and just loved the experience of being in such a long swap line.  (check out what my swap card looked like HERE)

Over 100 new card ideas!

The end of the swap line led us to the hospitality room where there were freshly blended smoothies for everyone.

There was also a photo booth so a bunch of us Canadian demonstrators just fooled around and took some fun pictures. I'll share more tomorrow!  Cheers, 

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