Friday, August 21, 2015

Adventures of late

Just thought I would quickly share some of our adventures lately.
Our basement renovations are proceeding well.  Hubby has painted the walls pool party and I love the colour!  It really brightens everything up!

His special note on the concrete floor was cute too.

We just returned from a mini getaway in Horseshoe valley area.  I enjoyed hanging out with the kids and the kids enjoyed the cheesy resort activities like cookie decorating.

We enjoyed some other activities in the area like glow in the dark mini putting

zip lining

bungy jumping
and rock climbing.

Fortunately the weather was great for us.

During the days we have been home, one of my daughter's favorite activities is to facetime her friend Allison and they stamp together over facetime.  Sometimes they mail each other the cards they make when they are stamping together.
This was Michelle's latest creation.  She liked it so much she decided not to send it to her friend.  :-)

I'm loving these busy summer days!  Hope you are enjoying summer and still taking some down time to stamp and create!  Enjoy! 

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