Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Inspire. Create. Share. 2015 Highlights

So here's the truth.  It's kind of hard to come back to reality after being in a Stampin' Up! bubble last week.  Among stampin' peeps I can be myself and turn to whoever is next to me and tell them how much I love the glimmer ribbon in the holiday catalogue.  I can even wave my hands around in great excitement as I explain the plan to colour the glimmer ribbon rich razzleberry in color.  The person will probably squeal in reply and then discuss other glimmery products.

If I do that back home in reality people will think I am really really crazy.

The other thing is that in the Stampin' Up! bubble everyone smiles and is kind and happy.  Of course we are happy since we all have a common fun activity that we do to help us cope with the stress of life.  As we were flying home we encountered more than one airport staff member that really needed a more fun job.  They really did not seem very happy.  I had an intense need to teach them how to stamp.  :-)

Anyway, coming back home is great because I get to see my family.  I have been kissing and hugging my kids a lot.  However, I miss the stampin' up bubble just a little bit.  So, to help with the transition back to reality, I watch the convention highlights video.

Hope this video gives you a taste of the convention experience.  If you don't blink, you might see me!


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