Monday, February 16, 2015

Family Day Fun

We had a super fun family day long weekend.  Some friends organized and invited us to join in on a road trip to Ottawa. This trip was not initiated by me as I would never think that vacationing in Ottawa during the frigid cold winter is a good idea.  However, I thought that going with friends would be fun for the kids.   It ended up being fun for grownups too!  I would consider going again next year!
We left early Saturday morning to arrive in the afternoon.  First stop, the Rideau Canal.  It was perfect skating weather, the snow was gently falling and there was lots of hustle and bustle and the smell of fried dough from the Beaver Tail stand was the reminder of the reward that awaited us after skating. (confession.  I do not skate.  So I walked along the ice).  My children were strong skaters and had a blast!

Look at my little guy go!

Here's my oldest enjoying a Beaver Tail.  He was too busy chewing to smile for the photo.

After the canal skate and beaver tails, we were off to see ice sculptures.

Then we found a perfect, homey mom and pop Shwarma shop.  We were glad to find somewhere to get a great meal on Valentines day. It was the kind of mom and pop shop that made you feel right at home.  The plastic dinosaur on the table was exactly the kind of romantic atmosphere all us parents would have had and been used to.

The next day was the day that extreme cold alerts were being issued.  Yes!  This means we must go out in the cold to experience more of Winterlude.  We went to Jacques Cartier Parc in Quebec and took advantage of fun ice slides. 

Call us crazy...or call us Canadian!  Oui Oui! 

I won't go into the funny story of how this came about but on Sunday night my daughter and I got to crash a friend's Stampin' team meeting.  It was actually perfect because I had promised my daughter a stamping night just for us since my Kids can craft class was so busy she couldn't really participate and I certainly couldn't give her my undivided attention.  
My daughter and I had a great time.  We loved our card creations!  (I won't show them to you because I think I'm going to use them for the next technique class!)
Here's my friend Cynthia and I.  

If you think the boys were crying the blues without us, I can assure you that they were doing just fine at Cynthia's house with her husband and kids.  
They pulled out all the stops with our favourite snack food. 

Next day a quick swim at the hotel pool and a visit to the aviation museum.

Whew!  A busy but super fun weekend!  Stamping, chips, friends, family, listening to the French language being spoken everywhere, Beaver Tails, sliding on my butt in minus 30 degree weather...
it just don't get better than that! 
As my son whispered to me on the first day: "There's nothing better than being with family in Ottawa"

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