Monday, November 10, 2014

My Baby's Crafting Thoughts

One of my very important roles in life is to be a mom.  I have three fantastic and beautiful children.  It amazes me that my "baby" boy is now 7 and seems to be very grown up.  I just thought I would share with you conversations I had with him yesterday.

N: "Mom I need string"
G: What kind of string do you need?
N: " I need string that is sort of thin and not too wide.  It also needs to be very strong"
G: "I do have string like that but I need it for my stamping classes.  If you look at the catalogue you can tell me which string you want and I will order it for you so you can have your own."
N: I need it now for my Beyblade case.
G: "let me look and see if I have an old retired ribbon"
At this point I am still not getting why he needs string but I don't let it bother me since my children do all sorts of things.  I wouldn't have been surprised if he decided to use the string to wrap up his beyblade so he could sell it in some kind of pretend store that he was setting up.

Lo and behold of course I found some old ribbon.  He then showed me his beyblade case and clearly directed me what I should do.  It turns out his zipper pull was broken and he had a plan for fixing it.
Check it out. I was very impressed with his solution to his problem.  He now has the cutest beyblade case around.

Since I started being a Stampin' Up! demo when my "baby" was less than a year old, he has grown up with stamps and crafts around him. 
Yesterday I got a glimpse of what he thinks of it all as I heard him talking to his friend who had come over for a playdate.  
I'm in the basement making this beautiful home decor piece and I hear him coming down the stairs.
N: "You want to go downstairs?  Okay but it's really dirty down here because my mom crafts.  See she's crafting now.  She does a lot of crafts that's why it's dirty."

I suppose neither he nor his friend were really put off by my dirty, crafty basement because they promptly set up a spider man pop up fort in the corner and connected it with my craft tables which they were crawling under.  

My day ended by buying a frame for the home decor piece I created and then taking my daughter out for a dessert date at Kelsey's.  (like I needed a chocolate lava brownie but I figured it would be rude for me to go on a dessert date with my daughter and just watch her eat her dessert.  ha ha)

It really was a super Sunday.  I'm so thankful for my family and crafting with Stampin' Up!  

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