Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Paper Pumpkin is Portable

Okay, I can't help it.  I have to talk about Paper Pumpkin again.  Last night I got together with a girlfriend.  She had mentioned last month to me that there is an amazing rib place right here in Markham.  She had me at the word ribs. I immediately whipped out my phone and set a date with her so she could introduce me to this rib place.  Last night was our rib date.  Conveniently the same day as our paper pumpkins arrived.  I texted her to bring her pumpkin and I would bring mine and we could do it together.  Yes, it's true.  We stamped at the rib place.  (By the way, it's called Big Bone Ribs and on Mondays it's only $25 including tax for a whole rack of ribs, 1lb of wings and big serving of fries)
Here's Lucy stamping at Big Bone Ribs.
In case you don't believe me, here's the evidence.  We used the wet naps for our sticky rib covered fingers but we also used them to clean our stamps.  :-)

Here's what the Paper Pumpkin projects looked like.  It came with 8 cards this month!

Here's how I changed them up just for fun.

No, I didn't have any sponge daubers at the restaurant.  I just used the paper towels and rubbed it in the calypso coral ink spot and coloured the wood element.  The paper towels were meant for messy, rib covered hands but they worked okay as a pretend sponge dauber.
I love that this kit also came with pre-cut liners for the envelopes.
That's the perk of Paper Pumpkin.  It's completely portable.  Perfect for long car rides, sitting at the airport, doctor's office...even for stamping at a restaurant.  What are you waiting for?  Contact me to subscribe today for your monthly crafting kit in a box...delivered to your door. 
p.s. in case you're wondering, I didn't do all 8 cards at the restaurant.  I just did 5.  I had to make sure I didn't do them all because my daughter expects to do them too!

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