Saturday, September 21, 2013

Stampin' Up! at Kanab and Mary Poppins

What a full day yesterday!  I woke up early and hopped on a bus that took us into Kanab where Stampin' Up! has their manufacturing plant.  It was a fantastic day and whatever full description I give will pale in comparison to the actual experience.
First, when we arrived we were greeted my the Kanab staff who applauded us as we entered the facility. 

Here are the huge rubber rolls
Then the cut the rubber to a specific size. Here's me trying my hand as a rubber cutter. I was really slow!

Then the rubber is put on a stamp image plate and the image is burned onto the rubber using these special ovens from Italy.
Then wearing gloves you peel the rubber from the plate and cool it on these big fans

Next these hard working staff adhere the rubber onto the foam.
Then the images are cut using a machine that pushes the rubber onto metal dies. 
Then the rubber is packaged into wood or clear mount cases with the appropriate labels. How cool that I got to be a part of the process! The staff were all so patient with me!

Now time to see the ink pads being made! First dump the foam in a large mixing bowl
Then pour the Colour. ( doing cherry cobbler today!)

Then mix using these big beater things

Look at the cool paper sorter/counter. 
On the second level of the plant was a beautiful apartment unit where any stampin up staff from salt lake stay when they are coming to meet with plant staff etc.
Gotta take a pic with the big rock of course!
Stampin up staff are so thoughtful! They placed a staff member at the rock so he could take pictured for each of us.

We then were driven to a Beautiful local park that Sterling and shelli donated to the community. I loved that all the rubber scraps were used to pad the playground.

The day wasn't over yet! In the Evening we went to the theater. It was a beautiful outdoor amphitheater. The view was stunning! We saw the stage presentation of Mary Poppins.

I admit I was so exhausted I kept nodding off during the play even though it was a spectacular presentation complete with fireworks!

Now for those of you that come to my blog to see samples, here are some beautiful projects using not yet released product. I can't wait for the next catalog! 

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