Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Stampin Up Advisory board experience

I have been kind of hesitant to blog because everything seems so extravagant and over the top. I do not want to appear as though I am boasting or arrogant. I feel like these experiences are a gift and a tremendous learning experience.  
Anyway, I decided to share anyway because my blog has become kind of a journal plus I know many of you like to follow my adventures. 
As a recap, myself, along with 5 other ladies, have been chosen to serve on the advisory board. Our role is to represent the demonstrators to stampin up corporate. So on Sunday we left founders circle and we were all flown into Salt Lake City to begin the advisory board retreat.
Here's the ride that stampin up arranged for us during our stay.

We were taken to our hotel and the evening was ours. We were warned by past board members to get as much rest as possible as the retreat is a working one.  So we went out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant called Guadalahonkeys. I am not joking. That was really the name. We had a fantastic waiter who told us the whole history of the restaurant. It was also a great night for the 6 of us to get to know each other better. I knew of the other ladies. I mean they are kind if famous in the stampin up world in different ways but it was great to chat face to face with them an hear about their families and lives.
Then up early the next day to head to the home office.  
We were greeted with much fanfare. The corporate team greeted us at the door with shouts of welcome and hugs and smiles. There were many minutes (which seemed like an eternity) where the corporate team had our cameras and were snapping pictures. I felt so strange. I'm not a movie star! 

After introductions, we were given the opportunity to work the pick line in the distribution warehouse.  It was so fun! I worked hard because I didn't want to mess up any orders or cause a back up for the regular worker.  I didn't think to get any pictures of myself but here is jenny Peterson working the line.
Next off to brick canvas. A health and wellness facility owned by Shelli Gardner CEO of stampin up!
Shellis son in law Jason gave us a tour of the facility.
Wouldn't you love to get your hair done here?
We then had a casual lunch with Sara Douglass. At our place setting were these beautiful boxes.
Signed by Shelli...using her left hand due to her injuries.
Inside the box were beautiful gold rings.

These rings are a traditional gift to advisory board members....I think as a thank you for our service.
The rest of the day was meetings. I've done meetings in other contexts but I surprisingly enjoyed these meetings and the productivity that came from them.
For dinner we ate at an amazing restaurant. I practically rolled out I had eaten so much.

Today is more meetings but I am having fun. Tomorrow home to family. 

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