Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Founders Circle

Yup. It is as great as everyone says. It truly does feel like a special special retreat and I am so thankful and feel so blessed to be here. I don't even know how to describe it. It's really a feeling of satisfaction and affirmation and rest all rolled into one.  A huge part of the wonderful-ness (sorry I know that's not a word) is all the small attention to detail. From the welcome sign, to the decor and the gifts, everything is touched with love and care. Thank you stampin up. You are really teaching me about what love and service look like in a practical way. Well this can't be a long post because I'm exhausted and need to sleep. I just want to share some pictures:

Here's the welcome as soon as I got off the bus

Then I was given the key to my room. My very own hotel room (don't have to share the bathroom!) and it was decorated with a fun handmade chalkboard sign) don't I feel like a movie star or something?

Then gotta go check out the hospitality room where there was a horseshoes game. Depending where your horseshoe lands, you get a particular prize. If you get a ringer (your horseshoe lands around the post) you get all three of the available prizes! Guess who got a ringer? Me!!!! (This was after three tries of not even getting into the sand pit at all!)

And of course there is candy in the hospitality room lots and lots of candy

A delicious dinner followed by an even more wonderful dessert

We all missed Shelli at this retreat. one demonstrator had the idea to have a picture of Shelli cut out and mounted on a stick. she called that her flat Shelli and then she took it around all the tables so we could take a picture with Shelli as if she was there and then we could also give the pictures to Shelli so that she could feel like she was with us. isn't that hilarious?

A pillow Gift filled with brand-new beautiful Stampin' Up! product I can't show you what's inside because it's all new but I will say that it's nice stuff. Woooo wheeee!

Here is a cute and handmade touch. A small jar of jam handmade with a cute label

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