Thursday, September 19, 2013

Founders circle day 2

Today was more of the same: pampering, relaxing, and meeting new friends. here are some pictures from today. enjoy!

A delectable breakfast! You know you are being pampered when the peach skins have already been peeled for you...

Visiting with the girls with whom I will be serving together on the advisory board. 
Starting from the left going clockwise: Jennifer Cotton, Leeanne Greff,  Jenny Peterson Dawn Griffith, Lyssa zolwenik and myself

Here is a fun station that was set up to make a trail mix. 

I also got to play the horseshoes game again and got another ringer! Wow what are the chances? Anyway, that ringer won me three packs of designer series paper!

The rest of the day was spent with a little shopping, hanging by the pool and fInishing my swaps. I have met a couple of other ladies who are also founders circle achievers for the first time so we hang out and get excited about every little thing

I think the best part of the day was the evening. It was called swap and share night. Historically people would share different business tips So we could learn from each other.  This year Stampin' Up! decided to do things a little bit differently. When entering the session we each received a new book called "how will you measure your life". Three different ladies took turns sharing about their lives, And how important it was for them to have made changes to put first things first even if that meant limiting their stamping up business. I was reminded that it's the little decisions every day that can strike the course of direction in our lives without even knowing it. As these women shared their stories, there really wasn't a dry eye in the place. We understood how easy it was to get on the treadmill of doing more, working more, earning more.  It may seem strange that Stampin' Up! as a company would have an evening, with their highest achievers, that encourages us to not put achieving stamping up awards as our first priority. Instead we were encouraged to focus and invest in others lives and to live a life of integrity. It might be strange but its honourable and I for one was thankful for the reminder.

Next came the swapping! My effort on my 120 swaps was so worth it! To get 120 different cards back in my bag made me so happy! Please make sure to come and visit me so you can see all the beautiful creations.

Then the evening finished off with myself and my friends looking at all the cards and eating homemade ice cream sandwiches. it was delicious. There were different flavors to choose from. I had the red velvet cookie with salted caramel ice cream. yummy!

Off to bed to get rest for the Kanab factory tour tomorrow. Oh! What is by my bedside? A pretty pillow gift! I love this trip!

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