Sunday, August 25, 2013

Simply created

Here's a couple of pictures I took while I was at convention. I am fascinated by the  offering of simply created kits in the holiday mini catalogue. The power of the simply created product line is the ease of creating while still maintaining beauty. Sometimes we think the kit should only be used to make the one thing the instructions dictate. No no no! You are also free to take the beautiful elements of the kit and create other beautiful creations. Here is a picture of what is made following the simply created tablescape instructions. Lovely.

Here is another creation using the elements of the kit: a mini scrapbook. Add stiffness to the scrapbook by adhering the elements to the cardboard that is a part of the kit packaging!!! Ha! And you thought the packaging was just garbage! 
I have had an incredibly fun summer with 5 different vacations so I haven't had time yet to play much with my simply created kits but I hope to get back to my stamp room soon!

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