Friday, July 19, 2013

It begins!

Convention began yesterday with a home office tour. I love seeing the home office. There is always beautiful decor, creative inspiration and friendly people. The automated picking line is so amazing. Make sure to ask me how it works when I get home. It is so cool!
We then took the rest of the day to eat, swap and stand in line for the general session. 
I had a fabulous time swapping and dancing to the loud energetic music once they open the doors for general session. General session started with Ryan from The Voice singing the convention theme song. This year they did a live stream of the general session which can be viewed in you tube. Kevin and Ethan watched and told me that there was a brief flash of me screaming wildly when receiving our convention bags. :s. (embarrassing)
A real highlight was that my friend and team stic girl pei pei won prize patrol! Winning prize patrol is always a thrill and it was fun to see normally calm and composed Pei Pei jump up and scream to receive her big packet of freebies!
Looking forward to what today brings!

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