Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sun and water polo

A gorgeous sunny day yesterday with no rain! I told Ethan our only agenda should be to sit by the pool. I also reminded him that he should do his homework. :)
Somewhere around 11:30 an enthusiastic game of water polo started in the pool. Ethan loved watching and knew all the rules from volleyball. When one of the guys invited him to play, Ethan hopped in the pool and joined in. He was the shortest player but he had fun. He got better and better as the day went on. He refused to get out of the pool and played until almost 4:00 when his mother absolutely put down her foot and said he had to get out and go back to the room to shower, get food and do homework. Yeah the whole mommy thing was not fun yesterday. I must have felt really guilty about his playing all day and not even eating lunch because I dreamed last night that I had a new baby and suddenly realized in panic that I had left her at home and forgotten to feed her.
Nonetheless I am so glad he had the courage to join in and play. This is the same kid who wouldn't stand up to get a free gift a few days ago. Now he's having conversations with the other guys and joking around. They even named his water polo team O Canada in honour of him. Grin. This trip has been great for both of us.
In the evening we learned about a traditional native cooking technique called the Lovo. Rocks are heated super hot and food is placed among the rocks and covered with different types of leaves then covered with dirt and left to bake for 2 hours.
More gifts for me yesterday! At the hospitality suite I got a pack of the cute clips (perfect to use in my this and that journal). Then in the evening I got a box and inside was a bundle of goodies from the new catalogue! Two new stamp sets, a matching embossing folder, matching designer paper and washi tape! Squeal squeal squeal!
Today is another excursion into the local town and another sunny day. I can't believe we are leaving tomorrow. The time has gone by so fast! I'll be home Sunday!

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