Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sigatoka adventure

Yesterday was another great day! We had sunshine! The day started with an early breakfast then onto a tour bus for the Sigatoka river safari. I imagined the safari to be a leisurely boat ride along the river with a guide pointing out local points of interest along the way. I was mistaken. It is a thrill ride in a motor boat racing along the river at 80 km/hr! When we first arrived at the dock, that's when I realized it was not what I expected. We were handed life jackets and the signage was very clear: it was like the signs you see before going on a roller coaster: remain seated, keep arms inside the boat. The one that got me was the one that said: please inform your driver if you do not want 360s. What??!!!! We are going to be spinning around in circles???!!!! I informed every staff member I saw that I did not want to do spins. I was worried I would embarrass myself by throwing up as I get easily motion sick. Luckily for me Dawn Rapsas, another demonstrator felt the same way. We stuck next to each other and informed the staff that we wanted to be on the same boat. The non spinning one. Of course, next to me, Ethan was jumping around quite excited thinking that this excursion was going to be more cool than he thought.
About 10 people fit in one boat and then the driver ( whose name is josh, but calls himself capt'n Jack) explains that he will drive our boat to a local village where we will visit with the locals. He then started the double motors and we took off! It was fun and exhilarating! He stopped the boat once or twice to tell us something of interest and so we could take pictures and then took off racing again.
The visit to the village was very nice and informative. We really got a sense of how the locals live. They held a ceremony with us that involved making kava. Kava is big around here. I believe it is a ground root that they turn into a beverage and it is supposed to make you feel relaxed. It's kind of like a recreational drug. The men sat across from the women and there was chanting and clapping and drinking of kava. Ethan caught my eye from across the room (he was sitting with the men) and we both shook our heads knowing that we were going to pass on the kava tasting!
After that, the ladies set up cloths on the floor and put out a spread of food for us for lunch. It was neat to see how the whole village participated in welcoming us. The kids helped fill the water jugs and the men all were off to the side singing and playing guitar while we ate. Their life is very simple, no furniture or fancy decorations and the clothes were very simple and loose fitting but they were super welcoming and smile a lot! After lunch there was music and dancing and we all joined in.
On the return boat ride capt'n Jack asked about doing 360's of course everyone but Dawn and I were enthusiastic but she said yes so I had to go along. :) Ethan was pumping his fist in the air he was so excited and as the boat raced along Dale Hampshire had both arms raised like people do when they are riding a roller coaster. I held on to the safety bar the whole time but I have to admit it was super fun and when the boat spun around we got splashed by the big waves.
So that's our Sigatoka river adventure. (Btw the Sigatoka river is the longest river in Fiji: over 100 kilometers)
At some point during the day Dale invited Ethan and I to have dinner with himself, his wife and another Canadian demonstrator. How wonderful! So after getting back to the hotel we showered and changed and had a lovely seafood dinner outside at the local marina. Thank you Dale and thank you Stampin up! For treating us to a beautiful evening and dinner.
When we returned from dinner we were so excited to see gifts waiting for us. One for Ethan and one for me! So nice! I am going to seriously miss being pampered when I get home! :)
Here's a few samples using goodies from the new catalogue. Club members and past hostesses don't forget to RSVP for your special evening on may 31st...everyone else come get your new catalogue on June 3rd!

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  1. Wow Gen, I can't wait to hear all about it. All your hard work is paying off, enjoy!