Friday, May 3, 2013

A trip to remember

First a correction on yesterday's post. My husband told me that pool volleyball and water polo are two totally different sports so to clarify, Ethan was playing volleyball in the pool. He was greatly disappointed that there wasn't that activity scheduled yesterday but still the weather was great and we made sure to get some sun and play in the pool.
Yesterday the morning was spent on a bus tour of the local town of Nadi. We visited a village, the garden of the sleeping giant, the local Hindu temple and the downtown shopping area.
In the evening was the final night dinner. It was a beautiful evening under the stars with themed decor, delicious food, entertainment and great company. One of the acts of the evening was a children's choir from the local village. They sang a traditional farewell song to us in their native language and the song ended with their little hands waving to us and even the resort staff had joined in singing the final lines and waving to us. I admit I actually teared up a bit. It really was an amazing trip to a very friendly and beautiful island and it will be hard to say goodbye and come home. (For the record though, I can not wait to give my other two kids and my awesome husband big hugs when I get home)
Today is another beautiful sunny day. We will be having the swap and share session this morning. I can not wait to see the swap cards. Then I'm really hoping Ethan and I can get our act together and pack really fast so we can reward ourselves with hanging out at the pool before we are scheduled to leave the hotel at 6:00 pm tonight Fiji time. We will have another 9 hour layover in LA then we will be home Sunday morning.
Ill post again soon!

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