Thursday, April 25, 2013

Wild thing

On our way for the stampin up incentive trip to Fiji. There is a 9 hour layover in Los Angeles. What to do with the time? I was torn between wanting to do something touristy and staying put in the airport so as not to miss the plane. I talked to so e friends who recommended going to hermosa beach to walk and eat. Ethan and Kevin were against that option for fear that we would get lost or something would prevent us from getting back on time. I don't consider myself a risk taker but I could not see myself sitting in an airport for 9 hours. We did it! We took a cab to hermosa beach pier and enjoyed the scenery and weather. We grabbed a bite to eat at an Irish pub out there. While we were eating I asked Ethan if this was the wildest thing he's ever done...leaving the airport during a layover in a strange city. He grinned and said yes. He was very glad we came out but he was still nervous about finding our way back. We made it back with 5 hours to spare. Yah. We are wild alright! :)

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  1. You and wild and crazy... That's why I love you ;-)