Sunday, April 28, 2013

Poolside fun

Bula! We had a great day yesterday! The day started super early since I woke up at 2:00 am! I couldn't go back to sleep so I snuck into the bathroom to read. Ethan woke up not long after and we looked for ways to entertain ourselves until the breakfast area opened at 7:00. More of that game4 pics 1 word on the iPad!
The big excitement of the day was catching sight of Maggie Patterson In the breakfast area. She's a fellow Canadian stamper from around the Ottawa area. I went and inquired if there was any way I could borrow her adapter to charge my devices. It turns out she brought three with her and let us take one to the room. Ethan and I were so happy. Ethan especially so...he loves listening to music on his iPod and was really worried that we would be taking the long journey home without any movies, music or entertainment. I wasn't too worried because I knew a kind stamper would help us out. Although I had bumped into shelli Gardner twice I certainly wasn't going to ask her but just about anyone else was fair game. :)
After a huge breakfast, Ethan and I spent most of the day by the pool. The weather was great. I met some new people by the pool (Leeann graff, Allison solven...) once you get a few incentive trip demonstrators together we can't help but talk business:what classes are fun, what kind of events we do etc. Ethan listened politely and even attempted to join in the conversation by declaring once "why don't you just overbook?" Which would have been a very appropriate comment had we been talking about workshop booking dates but since we weren't, his comment was greeted with smiles from the ladies. Since Ethan is very very shy with grow ups I was very proud of him for attempting to join in the conversation! Ethan then spent the time baking in the sun and swimming in the pool while we ladies kept talking. Alison said that she decided this year she would do videos to help develop an online business. Maggie was walking by and joined in on the conversation then Dawn olchefske stuck her head in saying "did I hear you talking about videos?" She is very active on her you tube channel and almost all of her business is online. Picture the scene: 5 demonstrators loudly chattering while demonstrators in nearby beach chairs clearly had their ears tuned in our direction (we all love to learn new things), seasoned incentive trip husbands knew the drill and had already moved off together and were huddled on the side talking manly, non stamping talk. For some reason I found the whole experience somewhat amusing and made the girls stand together so I could take a picture for the scrapbook. The conversation then turned to the new catalogue and the greatness of it and I knew if I didn't make an exit I could be there for several more hours and i didnt want to subject ethan to that. also, Ethan and I had big plans to take a nap.
Funny thing is that later that night when I was making notes in my This and That journal, Ethan told me I should use the blah blah blah sticker in my book when writing about my poolside conversation. Grin. I apologized for the boring conversation to him but he sweetly said "that's okay. It's a stamping trip you are supposed to talk about stamping" I am having such a great time with Ethan. I love enjoying his personality.
He participated in the sunset torch lighting here at the resort. The staff member dressed in native gear runs around the pool area with a burning torch and lights all the torches around the pool while the children run behind.
I asked Ethan what he thought was special about coming to Fiji. I myself was thinking it wasn't Fiji that was so special but rather the pleasant surroundings, the no agenda days and and the time with my son. Ethan thought about it and said Fiji was special because he got to take a connecting flight! Yup you heard it here first, taking a connecting flight made it extra special! Snort! All this time whenever I booked flights for the family I always avoided any connections because dragging my three kids across airport terminals possibly rushing was not my idea of a good time. Little did I know!!!!
Did I mention I am enjoying the time with my son?
Tomorrow is the official start to the stampin up portion of the trip( I paid for a package to stay three extra days beforehand) so hopefully tomorrow ill have some pictures of the hospitality suite and inspiring project ideas for you!

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