Sunday, April 7, 2013

Just sharing my excitement!

In February I decided to sign up for a ladies bible study group that was starting up at our church. I felt so compelled to do it even though I knew life was really busy enough and I didn't need to add another night out and homework to my list of commitments.  Even Kevin questioned if our family could handle the extra commitment because he knew he was very busy at work and with the church board meetings and getting ready for Nicaragua.   I wasn't sure if I could handle it myself but I thought I would try.  It's been wonderful and refreshing.  I've enjoyed learning lots of new things as well as meeting new people.  I can't believe it but next week is already the last week.  The leader (knowing my passion) asked if I would make invites for the final night as she wanted the last night to be a little more special and we are going to have dinner together. 
Of course I almost jumped up and down because I couldn't wait to make the invites.  I already had in my mind a card I wanted to make that I saw on a blog somewhere. 

Oh look.  It's that flower trim again.  I am in love with that product from the spring catalogue.  It's actually now backordered it's been so popular.  I like the card so much I made a few extra so I could hand out to some friends that I wanted to invite to a special cardmaking night.   I'm now supposed to be making placecards for the dinner.  I'm kind of stumped what I'm going to make but I'm hoping inspiration will strike before Tuesday!
The other exciting thing that happened this past week is that I received my travel packet from Stampin' Up! for the Fiji trip.  I'm leaving in about 2 1/2 weeks!  Eeek!  So much to do before then!  I can't help but waste a bunch of time looking at the packet and all the interesting information inside. It's not in the picture but they even included these very cool looking luggage tags with my name and Ethan's name on them.   
Bless the people at Stampin' Up!  My business advisor sent me a card in the mail.  I loved the simplicity of the card.  It's eye catching.  She uses the print poetry DSP, the fancy fan embossing folder and I believe it's the ciao baby stamp set.  Gotta love that Rasberry Ripple colour!

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