Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Yesterday was the day of gifts! First while at the hospitality suite I was given a pretty Fijian candy dish. (I suppose to allow us to take some candy from the hospitality suite back to our rooms :)!)
Then I heard through the grapevine that there was a gift from the night before that I had missed probably because Ethan and I had put the do not disturb sign on the door and gone to bed early. We were able to pick those up today! It was a rug with the Fiji stampin up logo and a handcrafted pouch. I love how the gifts carry the Fijian theme!
Then in the evening, while getting ready to attend the meet and greet, we received a knock at the door: another gift!!! I received a decorated box and inside was a large tote bag! I loved it! (The material matches the material that was used in our travel packets) We then attended the meet and greet where we enjoyed the decor, snacks and drinks (that we didn't eat because we were so full from dinner), and entertainment. A full marching band came in and performed for us in the lobby and then led us into the main ballroom for the general session. A nice touch!
Then, to kick off the general session, prize patrol for all the achievers! Woohoo! A stack of the in colour dsp!(the new new ones that aren't officially live yet!). After a few words from the corporate team, they wanted to honour the guests/spouses because we all know that being a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator is impossible without their support so there was a special gift for them. It was a stamping survival kit. So funny! Ethan was too shy to stand up but Dave Baugh a corporate team member saw Ethan's reluctance and made sure to get one for him. (Although I told Ethan if he was too shy to stand up with all the other guests he shouldn't be entitled to enjoy it so I said we would give it to daddy/Kevin instead. Before the evening ended though I made sure to tell Ethan how much I appreciate all his help with my stamping business. He's helped me load things in the car when I go to workshops, get the other kids to bed when I'm teaching a class in the basement and open the door for guests.) Before the evening ended we were treated to a native style dance performance and then given the new catalogue! Yea! (Sadly they didn't have the Canadian version. Sigh.) I found Dale Hampshire (Canadian operations manager) and made sure to get a photo! (Unite the clans!)--maybe our team Canada can find a way to get Canadian publications at stampin events.!
Anyway, see why I called yesterday the day of gifts?
I felt pampered and I love being a part of the Stampin'Up family! If you've ever wanted to learn more or test drive the demonstrator experience, go to my website:
And click join the fun to learn more. There is a special promotion on now where you can have $195 worth of product in your starter kit for the cost of only $125 no tax no shipping.
Today we are going on an excursion called the Sigatoka river safari ( I think that's what it's called) it should be fun if I don't fall asleep. ( I can't stop waking up at three in the morning!)
I can't wait to come home and show you everything.(but not the new catalogue because that's a secret..,) Please RSVP and come out to technique class on Monday May 6th. I want to see you!

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