Monday, April 15, 2013

Final evening dinner

Remember I talked in a previous post that I was in a ladies bible study group and we had a final night dinner for which I was supposed to make place cards?  I thought I would show you some pictures from the evening.  When I made the invite, I didn't know what the leader wanted but when she saw the card she said it was absolutely perfect because the wanted the coral colour and flowers and butterflies.  Here's what I made as the placecard in the same theme as the invite.  Frankly I was stumped with the placecard idea.  I thought I had one that would work but when I tried to put it on paper it didn't look right at all so instead I decided to make a party favour box and incorporated the name on it so it would double as a place card idea. 
I love how Darla, the leader put so much care into making the evening special for us.  We had candles, beautiful place settings and pretty decorations.  Everyone was supposed to dress up.  Although I had really wanted to I didn't have time to change because as soon as I came home from work I made the party favour boxes and was big shotting and glueing right down to the final minute when I had to leave. 
It really was a nice evening.

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