Monday, April 29, 2013


I realized with all my posts I didn't really talk about Fiji and what it's like. I haven't really gone off the resort so my experience is limited but here's what I've noticed:
Weather: so far the weather has been humid and rainy. Even though it is cloudy and rainy a lot, it's warm rain so people still swim and hang about outside. There are patches of sunshine in between the rains and I love those!
Food: the food here at the resort has been regular buffet fare. There seems to be a lot of lamb and and the spices are a little different. For example the home fries had curry spice in it. I was told that there are a lot of people in Fiji whose roots are from India. We are enjoying eating. There's a picture of our lunch from yesterday. We had Fijian pizza and Fijian punch. The pizza was what we would call a Hawaiian back home but with the addition of tomatoes and a green herb which they put on everything around here.
People: the people are friendly and the area surrounding the resort seems to be clean and safe so Ethan and I have already walked down to the local strip plaza to do some shopping.

The hospitality room opened today.. I love the decorations! There was also a bean bag game where I won a prize (a lovely accessory from the new catalogue SQUEAL!) all the remaining stampin up staff and achievers arrived today so the room is buzzing! We managed to catch a chat with Rich Jutkins (COO) and eat lots of candy!

Sorry I haven't posted any stamping samples lately. I had hoped that the hospitality suite would have some samples to share but not so far. So just in case you need some inspiration I've posted some pictures. I can't remember if I've posted these before...

Hope you are all well back home!

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