Friday, March 8, 2013

It's going to be fine...

So, today Kevin left for Nicaragua.  This is his third year heading out to do some relief work in Bluefields Nicaragua.  Our church has been partnering with a local pastor and church there for the past 9 years, I think.  When Kevin talked to me about his plans to go again this year I couldn't really think of a good reason why he shouldn't go.  I felt it would be selfish for me to moan that I really hate being without him for a week during March break.  It's funny, I can take off to all my stamping conventions without blinking an eye or worrying at all because I know it'll all be fine but when it's him going away, I worry about his safety and I worry about how much I'll miss him.  Yes. I am a suck. All day today I just kept telling myself "it's going to be fine".   (BTW, thank you to everyone who participated in the stamping fundraiser I had before Christmas.  We were able to raise over $600 for the team.)
I have made a resolution that this year I will go to bed early and get lots of rest over March break.  Last year I spent a lot of late nights on the computer doing NOTHING just waiting for him to get online so I could skype him.  By the end of March break I was exhausted just from staying up till midnight hoping he would get online.  LAME!  I will not do that this year.  I will go to bed at a decent hour and get lots of rest so I can enjoy every minute with the kids.  Before he left, Kevin bought a Science Centre membership and a groupon for Fantasy Fair so I would have things to do with the kids over March break.  I'm not sure why he did that because obviously I would find things to do with the kids on my own and didn't need his help but maybe this was his way of letting us know he was thinking of us even if he's not with us.
Anyway, I made a quick card for him and snuck it into his luggage before he left.  It's a variation on one of the cards we made at Sweet and Simple class last month.  The stamp set is called For the Birds and I LOVE my new cloud embossing folder from the spring catalogue.
I also wanted to share a swap card I received from Stamptacular.  I don't know who made it but I love it.  The Open Sea stamp set is a great masculine card option.

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