Thursday, February 21, 2013

Real Life, Real Drama, a Real Card

Life has been an adventure lately.  Here's the life and drama of late:
 I am trying to get in touch with my contact for the Stamptacular venue and after some run around am informed that they can not honour the rental agreement they made with me.  I allow myself one night of panic as I call friends, team stic girls, community locations and try to find an alternate on this short notice.
In between regular life and work I try and squeeze in visits to potential locations.  Last Saturday Kevin was off skiing with Ethan so I dragged the younger two with me to check out a promising locale.  My children (probably strung out on pop and sugar were loud and crazy as I tried to have a sensible conversation with the kind lady who was taking time to show me a room.)  Somewhere during the experience the kids got a hold of my phone.
Although it took a few days, we managed to secure an even better location.  Whew. 
 I'm trying to reschedule my work so that I am more available for the different responsibilities with the kids and at home.  My experiment resulted in my being late not once but twice picking up the kids from school.  Groan. Mommy guilt.  However on Valentine's day I made sure I was home to attend the long awaited, scheduled speech therapy appointment only to see Nathaniel wake up with red sticky eyes.  Of course I worried that he had pink eye.  As things would have it, Nathaniels eye was remarkably better by the time the 10:45 doctor's appointment rolled around.  The doctor gave me the drops anyway just in case but of course the speech therapist refused to see him. 
Besides the speech therapy appointment, I had a mission to make Kevin's valentines card.  I was disappointed in myself that I left it to the last minute but I figured I would have the whole day alone to stamp (of course how could I predict that Nathaniel would be with me all day?)  You already saw Nathaniel's card that he made while I was busy working on mine. 
Here's my card.
It's okay.  I won't be offended if you think it's unattractive.  Sometimes when I make a card (even if it's case'd) I am so happy with the outcome I will jump, clap, declare "I am so happy" while alone in my craft cave.  This card did not make me do that.  I just kept looking at it and trying to beautify it.  I wasn't fully paying attention when I made the card and accidentally stamped the sentiment crooked. 
I was inspired by something I saw on pintrest.  I was trying to make it look like a carving in a tree trunk. 
In case you are wondering how I gold embossed our initials, I just put a tiny bit of versamark reinker on a plastic surface and used a blender pen to pick up the ink and painted it on the card.  Then I poured gold embossing powder and heated it. 
I had to finally give up since I didn't have time to start from scratch. I contemplated not even giving him the card since I wasn't happy with how it looked.  I decided that the effort had to be worth something so I left the card on Kevin's pillow so he could get it later that evening.
The great part of Valentines day was that I had arranged to take the kids up north to hang out for two nights since they had a PA day on the Friday.  I had a great Valentines dinner eating greasy chicken wings with the kids at a local pub then drove up north.  Kevin met us up north but couldn't stay because he had to work the next day.  I guess Kevin was wondering all day where his valentines card was.  When he was about to leave to go home he finally said something along the lines of: "you have a card for me at home?"   I gave him a big hug and said that of course I made him a card.  (whew, close one!  Good thing I didn't throw out the card!)  :-)
I finally had time this week to sit down in my craft cave in quietness.  Here's one of the cards I made.  I love it!  Perfect Plum and Always Artichoke are awesome together!  After making this card I think I did clap!
The image is from the embellished events stamp set. The background is En Francais and the dry embossing is the FREE sale-a-bration folder called Vine Street.
So, the morale of my story is: even if life is busy, keep stamping.
Even if you think your card is ugly, still give it to someone as it may be a blessing to them.
Carve out time for yourself and keep stamping because when you make something beautiful it's so exciting.

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