Friday, December 21, 2012

Back to the basics

Finally I am feeling a little settled.  No one is sick, I've mostly finished I'm ready to enjoy and get ready for Christmas.  Yes, I know Christmas is just 4 days away.  Better late than NEVER!  So, to start enjoying, I decided it was time to get my hair cut and coloured.  A call to the salon revealed that of course everything is booked up.  I figured it was a long shot that I'd be able to look fabulous in time for Christmas.  I did manage to get an appointment before New Year's though so that's good news!
Next, book Supperworks session so that there will be food in the freezer  over the holidays so I don't have to worry about cooking.  A check on the supperworks website revealed that all sessions are booked up and none are available until January.  Darn.  I had a $30 gift certificate to use before Dec. 24th too.  I decided to call the store directly and see what could be done.  The owner, Nicole, has always been super sweet to me.  Last time I went, I was forced to bring all three kids as I didn't realize it was a PA day.  She was so great with all of them and even took them to the adjacent dollar store to buy them little activites to play with while I madly assembled my meals at each station.  So yesterday I humbly inquired if anything could be done to squeeze me in before Christmas.  Yes!  She did it and we picked out some meals from what she had still available and she let me use my gift certificate.  After I hung up the phone, pleased that I was going to get something useful done before Christmas, my husband informed me that his brother called and we were supposed to go to his parents house for dinner on Christmas eve.  What??? You mean they weren't going to be at my parents house on the 25th as I originally thought?! We were just coming back from Niagara falls on the 24th.  I had big plans to unpack and wrap all the kids Christmas gifts, stockings etc.  I don't usually do well with unexpected announcements of this sort.  My first question is "what are we going to eat?" knowing full well that the food would be on my shoulders since Kevin's brother is a bachelor and Kevin's parents are quite elderly and don't really cook much.  I think Kevin saw the stress and panic on my face and tried to reassure me.  "Don't worry" he says "we don't need to bring anything.  Brian is going to bring pizza and wings."  Fabulous.  Pizza and wings for Christmas eve dinner.  I'm sure Kevin's parents will feel wonderful and special with that.  My mind starting racing with how I was going to cook a Christmas dinner and bring it over to his parents house when we were driving back from Niagara falls.  Suddenly I remembered that Supperworks has a Christmas dinner package.  Of course it's the sort of thing you need to book a month in advance or something.  What could I do?  I called Nicole back at Supperworks and told her the whole pizza and wings story.  I didn't even have to put on a begging voice or finish my story.  She just said calmly "You want my last turkey dinner right?"  With great relief I exclaimed "You have one left?  Yes I want it.  Whatever it comes with is great."  She told me I should go buy a lottery ticket since I was lucky two times in a row with what she had available for me. 
That all happened yesterday night.  This morning, I knew I had to make something for this angel Nicole.  Here's what I made.  A small stack of 4 thank you cards with matching envelopes.  I used the new soon to be released stamp set called Collage Curios and the Parker's Patterns DSP.  I love circle punches and how they matte so nicely.
At first I used the Thank You sentiment from the Curly Cute stamp set but thought it was too swirly.  So I switched to the Perfectly Penned set which I thought was a much better fit. 
I used the new natural 7/16" trim ribbon to tie it all together.
  I loved making it for her and I really threw myself into it since I was so grateful for her wonderful business and her help.  I realized this is why I started stamping cards in the first place over 5 years ago.  I wanted it to be a way I could serve people and give to people without the focus being on a big expensive gift.  It's good to get back to the basics.
I'm looking forward to a wonderful relaxing time over the next several days.  I hope to hang out with the kids, bake some cookes, enjoy an outing to Niagara falls and socialize with friends and family.  I'm also hoping to have some escapism in my craft cave to play more with my new spring goodies.  I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and find rest getting back to the basics.  I look forward to seeing all of you who can make it out to my customer appreciation event on Dec. 27th.  Drop in anytime between 3-8 pm but you MUST RSVP.  I will be having one day only specials, make n take projects using the new spring catalogue products, raffle draws and launching my new customer loyalty card program.  Thank you all for how you bless my life.

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