Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Upcycle those jars!

I always thought of mason jars as an item only for people who do things like gardening and preserving and canning. (not me). Then I went to convention and saw that jars can be gift packaging too!
Here's some gifts I made. This one is for my very pregnant neighbour.  I filled the jar with some little baby essentials: onsie, baby soap, washclothes and..a tide to go.  (since of course mommy is going to get puked on)
I made this one as a raffle gift for my members at technique night.  I discovered the top of the mason jar is just the right size for my 2 1/2" circle punch.  You can't hardly see it but the top of the jar has that bright summer smooches paper.
One of the projects at technique class last night was the decorated mason jar.  I think the girls loved it.  One of the girls even e-mailed me and said she is thinking of doing it for her sister's wedding/lingerie shower.  Instead of using the cute candy cane fabric (only $1.19 on the clearance rack on my website!) she's going to use black lace and hot pink ribbon to go with the lingerie shower theme!  I love inspiring creativity!  Host a private class with your friends so I can inspire your creativity!  I bring the supplies and the projects. All you have to do is enjoy with your friends!  Even better if you host in September since you get free ribbon with a $50 order!  Contact me today!

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