Monday, September 17, 2012

A birthday card and a birthday party

Today is my husband's birthday.  First, here's the card I made.  I knew I wanted to use the memorable moments set since then I could make a unique card with his exact age on it.  I was a bit stumped for ideas but ended up CASE-ing this idea from Jill Hilliard's blog.  I felt it had a masculine look and I loved all the texture and layers.
 Here I will also insert a plug to invite you to my birthday card class this Saturday 9:30am.  Who doesn't need more birthday cards on hand?  So come stamp a stack of them this Saturday!  Let me know if you can come so I'll have the supplies for you!
  The beginning of September is traditionally the most stressful time of year for me.  I fret and worry and try to memorize by heart each child's daily routine so that I get every kid ready on time for whatever school and extra curricular activity is on for the day.  In addition, I have to get myself off to work and get all that work stuff done in a big rush so that I am on time picking up the kids from school.  Usually in September I fail at getting my work done and am left madly getting the kids to bed so that I can hunch in front of the computer and work on my work reports. (thank goodness there's stamping to keep me somewhat sane)  Needless to say, there is no energy left for planning a husband birthday party.  This year I started thinking about the whole hubby birthday thing in August which gave me a fighting chance to actually pull something off.  I know he likes hanging out with friends (he's the extroverted one) but doesn't usually manage to actually organize anything.  Once I sent out the invites I knew I was committed...
We had a super fun time hosting our first murder mystery party.  The theme we picked was a high school reunion from the class of '85.  I highly recommend the Night of Mystery Party Games which was the website I purchased the game from.  They gave me all the instructions and resources to run the evening.   Since it was an 80's high school reunion we all pulled out our 80's vocabulary ("totally rad") and we were supposed to dress and act in character.  There were some hysterically funny moments.  Here's some pictures.
The poor victim: Steve Spielson; famous director
The two winners who were able to correctly guess the murderer based on their superior investigation skills.  (I made decorated mason jars for prizes...yes, I am mason jar obsessed now)
A group photo while we're all in character...
An 80's themed party wouldn't be complete without some of the food we remember from our childhood.  I also served twinkies and jo louie's for dessert!
All in all a very fun way to celebrate my husband's birthday with friends. 

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  1. Wow Gen! Great card and your event looks like it was a blast!!!