Sunday, August 19, 2012

Stampin' Up! comes to Hamilton

Yesterday was the Hamilton Regionals.  Stampin' Up! does regional 1 day conferences across North America and this year Hamilton Ont. was picked as one of the locations.  I was unable to attend because the family and I are busy enjoying summer but you can bet when I had a chance I was checking out facebook to see everything.  I was rewarded today with some pictures from Paula that I wanted to share with you.
Here's some of the team S.T.I.C girls

And here's a couple beautiful projects!  At any Stampin' Up! event there is always an incredible amount of crafting inspiration.

I have to put a plug for the starter kit promotion this month.  Want to have fun with a hobby that makes you money?  Want to get inspired with new crafting ideas?  Want to meet new friends? Then don't wait, JOIN THE FUN!  What would you do with the extra money each month?  Buy more stamps?  Pay for extra lessons for your child?  Eat out more so you don't have to cook?  Get a cleaning lady?  These are all the things I enjoy, what would you do?  Contact me and I'll help you get started!

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