Wednesday, July 4, 2012

halloween: holiday mini style

Believe it or not the holiday mini catalogue will be released August 1st.  As a demonstrator I get to preorder in July.  I expedited my order so I could show and share new goodies with my team girls at our gathering tommorrow.  I just got home from vacation and I couldn't resist ripping open the box and playing.  In a moment of enthusiasm last week I signed up for 3 holiday mini swaps on the demonstrator website.  I have until August 24th to mail out the swaps but I thought I may as well start playing...
Don't ask me the name of anything yet.  I haven't learned them.  All I want to know is whether you think this card is swap worthy.  I actually made this card myself.  I didn't copy from the internet because I knew there wouldn't be any samples of this stamp set yet because it's so new.  I was seriously impressed with myself that I thought to use the platinum shimmer paint to edge everything.  It makes the card look spooookier don't you think? I embossed the sentiment using the tangerine tango embossing powder.  (I will probably regret this when I am making 10 of the same card).   I also think the one googly eye is very funny but perhaps it's just odd?  Although frankly odd is entirely appropriate for halloween.
Ahhhh.  I love playing with paper, stamps and ink! 
Be one of the first to order from the holiday mini by hosting a private card party in August!

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