Monday, July 30, 2012

crunch digital scrapbooking

I received a beta version of the new MDS 2 software at convention.  There's only 18 days left on this trial version so I realized I'd better get hopping to complete my digital scrapbooking so I can do it with the improved software.  In addition, there is a big digital print sale with Stampin' Up! in August so I want to get things finished so I can send them to print.
Just thought I'd share a simple page with you.  These are all Paula's pictures that she posted on facebook.  For some reason I did a very poor job taking pictures this year.  That's the great thing about MDS.  You can put any jpeg picture into your scrapbook.  Doesn't have to be your own!
What makes this scrapbook so easy is that I bought the convention digital template so Stampin' Up! already designed all the pages.  I just need to drop the pictures in and make little changes and journal and then the book will be done.
I told my husband that the plan tonight is to get the kids to bed early, plop on the couch to watch the olympics while I keep scrapbooking on the computer like a mad woman!

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