Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Convention Day 1

A full day today!  I'll keep it short because I need to sleep.  I'm going to be one of the official line up people for our gang to ensure we don't sit at the very back of the auditorium for general session tommorrow.  However I can't help but take a few minutes to share highlights of our first day.   First stop, registration to pick up our convention bags and stamp sets.  Here's our gang with our cute bags!

Next stop, Momento Mall.  Momento Mall is a special convention only perk.  A makeshift store is set up filled with exclusive logo merchandise that can be used for our business but also just for fun.  Typically there is quite a line up to get into momento mall.  Since our gang was so big we weren't able to totally stick together when going places.  I was hanging back with Paula and Heidi.  (It was their first convention so it was necessary to stop and swap and oogle at everything)  Anyway, we finally got to the gathering hall and were about to make our way to momento mall when  a woman in a golf cart drove up to us and started chatting and asking us where we were headed.  Then she asked: "How would you like to go to the front of the line for Momento Mall?" Of course we screamed "YES!" This lady was part of the Stampin' Up! You Crew.  They roam around and surprise people with prizes and special things.  I've never seen the You Crew before and have never known anyone who won but today we were lucky winners!  Heidi even got to have a seat on the golf cart.  (Paula and I ran behind)  Doesn't Heidi look thrilled?!

 After spending money in Momento mall buying irrisitible things like Stampin' Up! mittens, recyclable shopping bags, t-shirts, notepads...I headed out, grabbed some lunch and then came back to do the make n takes.  As usual the make n takes were detailed, but beautiful.  Too tricky for my liking.  I don't like spending two hours and only completing 3 projects.  However, I know if they made the make n takes too easy, there would be much complaining from all those people who like crafting challenges.  :-)   After running out of time during the make n take session (notice I did not say after I finished my make n takes...)  I went out to try and grab some pictures of the display boards.  Sooooo many display boards full of gorgeous cards and ideas. 

No time to look at all the boards because I had to run to a private class I registered for.  This was my kind of class: scrapbook in an evening.  In less than 2 hours I had finished a full 8X8 scrapbook.  The pages were simple and cute and used the simply scrappin' kit.  I was so happy!  Here's myself, Paula and Heidi wearing our new Team S.T.I.C shirts.  I know you can't see what the shirts say but they say: Team S.T.I.C   Good Girls Gone Stampin'
I ran from the scrapbooking class to the hotel to grab my laptop since I had signed up for a Digital Studio class.  I figured since I was so technologically challenged it would be good to learn more.  The class was very fast paced for me.  It started out with giving us test versions of the new MDS 2 software that is due to be relased later this year.  I couldn't even install the disc and needed help every step of the way.  STRESS.  Fortunately I think they suspected that all this installing would be painful for us. They consoled us with cupcakes while we got our computers all set up properly for the class.  I love how Stampin' Up! aims to meet our every need or at least support us in our distress.
Well, that's a quick rundown on the day.  Tommorrow the fun really starts!  Classes, general session, more swapping, dancing, awards night...
Glad I came but still miss my kids!


  1. Sounds like fun! I'll make sure the kids see the post tomorrow!

  2. liked your 'finished an 8x8 scrapbook in less than 2 hours' comment... how many pages was that?

  3. Looks and sounds like you're all have a great time! Looking forward to hearing all about it when you get back.

  4. Thanks so much for the updates!!!! I love it!!!! I'd love to see pictures of your scrapbook! That was on my todo list this summer! Miss you friend!