Saturday, June 16, 2012

An unexpected getaway

It's a big birthday year for me this year.  Tommorrow is my 40th birthday.  |Kevin had been asking me what special things I wanted to do to celebrate but I couldn't really think of anything.  I didn't really feel that a 40th birthday deserved any more special attention than any other birthday but it sort of seems like it's supposed to be a milestone of some sort.  I definitely like being 40 more than being 20.  I feel much more comfortable with who I am and I've had so many years to count my blessings.
Kevin was so great.  Since I was so blase about my birthday, he took it upon himself to do something special for me.  I knew something was up because he was very vague about what was happening this weekend.  I kept suggesting that we take the kids to the Markham festival and he kept saying he didn't want to do that but he wouldn't talk about what we were going to do so I knew he must be planning something. 
Last night my daughter said "you're going to great wolf lodge!" and I saw my oldest son glare at her.  Aha!  Kevin is taking me to Niagara Falls for a romantic getaway, I thought to myself.  Fabulous!
Kevin wouldn't tell me where we were going the whole time he was driving.  I quickly realized we were not going to Niagara falls because he was driving east instead of west...
We wound up in Kingston, Ontario.  A place where I have many many fond memories because I went to Queen's University.

Kevin thought it might be fun to take a walk down memory lane and relive some days from my youth.  To add to the authenticity of the experience, he rented a residence room for us to stay in for the night.  I couldn't stop laughing.  Our romantic getaway involved sleeping in separate beds and walking down a communal hallway to use the toilet and shower!  I found this so funny! 
(Don't worry, our romantic getaway didn't involve me doing a Stampin' Up! workshop.  I just happened to be wearing my rich razzleberry stampin' shirt because I like it.  :-)
The day was spent visiting my old university haunts like the rehabilitation therapy building, my old residence,  different campus buildings where I would study,  the ice cream shop I would go to when skipping class, my church and of course we made sure to walk by the lake.  

Here we are enjoying the great weather.  What a fun and unexpected getaway!!  Kevin and I had so much fun just hanging out and reminiscing.  Everything looks different but still recognizable.  I kept having flashbacks to different memories..."this is where I used to jog, this is the library I studied at, I can't believe I used to ride my bike everywhere, this is where I ate breaded mushrooms..."

I'm sure tomorrow will be another great day.  We're having dinner at a buffet with our family to celebrate father's day!  I hope you all had a great weekend with your loved ones too!

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