Thursday, May 3, 2012

our final night

The time has flown by so quickly.  We are heading home tommorrow.  I'm looking forward to seeing my kids but I admit that I sure will miss the luxury of having no agenda every day and I'll especially miss getting gifts every day! (did I mention that although they hadn't planned on it, Stampin' Up! was able to give us a copy of the catalogue.  Can you imagine the squeals from all the women in the room????  We were sworn to secrecy and all I"m allowed to tell you is that I have a copy.  Ha ha.  How is that for a teaser!  You will have to come to my sweet and simple class or the chicks and chocolate new catalogue event to see it.  It is beautiful. 
 Today we went to a water park and did some shopping.
Tonight was the final night event.  We had a private show at Disney Hollywood Studios where COO Rich Jutkins played the part of Indiana Jones and then there was wonderful food in a staged set which was made up like Cairo.  Here are some pics from the evening. Besides a great dinner, there were belly dancers and  Disney characters we could have pictures with and there were also photo booths all around where we could pose and the disney staff would photoshop some adventure scenes from Indiana Jones in the background.  Very fun!

I hope many of you will ask me about my experiences on this trip because there is really no time to blog and share all my thoughts.  All I can say is that I really had an amazing time and Stampin' Up! did an awesome job in pampering Kevin and I. Every day was different and the gifts were out of this world.  Stampin' Up! even granted wishes to certain requests that demonstrators made.  They are going to donate money and supplies to needy causes.  So nice!  
I'll see you back in Markham soon!

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  1. Can't wait to hear ALL ABOUT IT!!!! I will call you soon G!!!! xo