Wednesday, May 16, 2012

a burst of creativity

Just thought I'd share some of my creative creations lately.  When I was on the Disney trip I had so many thoughts of my team S.T.I.C girls and I kept thinking: "what can I give them to show them how much I appreciate them and love them?".  This is what I came home and made. When I was in Disney I bought individually wrapped Disney tea bags and pretzels shaped in mickey mouse heads.  I then (with the help of a friend) put the pretzels in a bag, tied it with some of the soon to be released fabric, and then made these cute tags.  On the back of the tags I taped the cute tea bag package.  The little gift was adorable, (if I do say so myself) and I was so excited to give them to the girls yesterday at our team gathering.  I never dreamed that I would be going on a trip courtesy of Stampin' Up!  Now I've learned that with God nothing is impossible and I'm trying to share the dream big excitement! 
I had a very exciting morning today.  It was the almost last day for the morning break program that I attend.  It's a craft n chat gang.  Some ladies knit, some needlepoint, some scrapbook...whatever.  Every week I bring something different to do.  The morning was crazy today.  It was a mad rush trying to get Michelle to work on her poetry assignment while helping motivate Nathaniel to practice his insect presentation and getting the kids out the door for school.  It was all I could do to throw some summer smooches dsp into my bag with some matching cardstock and ink so that I had something to work on at morning break.
I had nothing to copy.  I had no computer to get ideas.  I actually created something from my brain using the slim picking supplies I had brought.  I really like this one.  I could see myself dressing it up a tiny bit with some embellishment and using it for my convention swap card.
Here's another one I created from my brain.  :-)
I basically had all these little scraps and this is what emerged.

I hope you enjoyed my burst of creativity.  Don't forget to RSVP for my upcoming events!  So many great things coming up with the release of the new catalogue.  Just go to my website and click on the events tab.

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