Friday, April 6, 2012


I'm at the airport. I learned this week that my grandma is in the hospital . She's quite elderly and has been in the hospital in the past but this time I felt compelled to fly down to see her. I suppose an alarming email from my mom saying that the doctors were giving her two days to live gave me a bit of a sense of urgency but also the timing that kevin would be home to watch the kids combined with the fact that I haven't seen my grandma in years pushed me to look into flying to san francisco to see her. Even though we don't speak the same language I always felt close to her because when I was a child we would visit her every year and she would always be kind to me. The biggest memory I have of her is how she would spend hours in her room praying. It made a big impact on me even as a child.
Anyway, I talked to my cousin and it sounds like she is stable at the hospital and is out of icu so it doesnt seem that there is any sign of any imminent passing but with Kevin's coaxing I decided to go anyway just to sit with her. I'm not thrilled about leaving my family or missing the Easter festivities t church this weekend but I feel like this may be a final chance to see my grandma. My life the past 10 years or so have taught me to let go more of doing things that are only safe and acceptable and explainable. Sometimes doing things that don't fully make logical sense in a concrete balance sheet kind of way can be scary and freeing at the same time. I don't think I would have considered flying all the way down to California for 2 days before but this time I thought I would do it, just to sit and hold my grandmas hand.
My stamping up journey has been the biggest way that God has been teaching me the live on the edge concepts. I'm always doing things that are new to me and that I never expected or wanted to be doing. Like I said, it's scary and freeing at the same time. Running team stamping meetings is a perfect example. Every month it comes, I'm excited and nervous at the same time. All I want to do is encourage this group of awesome, talented women that God has put in my life but I never know the best way to do that. However, miraculously, as far as I can tell, we all leave happy and inspired with life, not just stamping. It's pretty cool.
Wow this really is a lot of rambling! Here's some pictures:
Friend and team member Esther has decided to focus on other commitments besides team stic and her stamping business so because she was with us since the inception, we had to do a cake and show her some love!
Here's also one of the make n takes we did using the new bright blossoms set and summer smooches dsp
Easter blessings! I'll be back soon

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