Sunday, April 29, 2012

Just the beginning

We are here and the fun has already begun. I'm blogging from my phone so I'll keep it brief and just let the pictures share (although I'll bet some of the picture will be upside down and sideways because I don't know how to manage that on my phone. )
It is all the little surprises that make myself (yes and even kevin happy)
1. Checking in at the airport I was all prepared to pay for checking in my luggage but the air Canada lady said I didn't have to pay. She said maybe someone had already paid for the fee? Oh I love stampin up!
2. The beautiful hospitality room filled with candy and fabric pillows. I could tell kevin was impressed with the "room full of candy" as he called it. I was impressed with the decor.
3. Free gift already! A beautiful journal.
So many other nice things and I love Disney world. Stampin up and Disney is like an awesome dream!

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  1. Oh so wish I was there with know you could have taken me instead of Kevin...we would have had more fun!! LOL!